We are a regulated B2B fund distribution platform created in 2005, jointly-owned by founder Amundi and Caceis, based in Luxembourg. We have been ranked as the best European platform two years in a row, in 2022 and 2023. (source: Platforum)

Our mission is to provide a unique combination of business models, and innovative services to facilitate fund distribution, strengthen transparency, and improve processes. We built a marketplace ecosystem to which Assets Managers and Distributors have access, and operate across a dozen different countries in Europe and Asia; and have offices in Switzerland, Singapore, and Italy.

We are based on solid human relationships with clients, partners, and regulators.

By joining FC you are entering in a leading financial sector!

Certainly, together we make fund distribution easier!

The Job activities :


You will join the dynamic Compliance team, reporting to the head of department, you will be responsible for the following missions:

  • Analysis and implementation of new Group regulations and standards, drafting and implementation of procedures adapted to the Company’s environment,
  • Training of employees,
  • Maintaining up-to-date mapping of non-compliance risks and the Company’s risk appetite, including money laundering an terrorist financing risks,
  • Compliance checks related to the Company’s activities in relation to the 1rst line of defense :
    • Performance of the 2nd level controls assigned to the department in terms of anti-money laundering and financial security as well as compliance and ethics controls in general,
    • Analysis of complaints and non- compliance risk situations,
    • Maintaining the various registers of non-compliance, such as the register of complaints, the register of conflicts of interest, or the register of processing of personal data,
    • Analysis of the escalations of the AML/KYC department of the 1rst line of defense,
    • 2nd level analysis of KYC/KYD files collected by the 1st line of defense,
    • Weekly monitoring of renewals KYC/KYD files with of the AML/KYC department of the 1rst line of defense
  • Response to various request for advice from the 1st line of defense, the management or counterparties,
  • Controls and follow-up of the external and internal audit recommendations : monitoring audit plan, audit report and recommendations, implementation of recommendation under the responsibility of the department,


  • Participation in the Company’s various development projects,
  • Drafting of reports for management, the Group and the supervisory authority: preparation of quarterly, annual reports (such as the annual compliance report and the annual report of the RC to the RR) and other certifications for the Amundi Group



Your Profile:


  • High education in business, economics or finance
  • More than 5 years of experience in Compliance and/or financial security
  • In-depth knowledge in the field of mutual funds, of the investment management function or of the depository function, of the RTO and fund execution as well as of the European and local regulatory environment
  • Languages: Fluent French and English
  • Computer skills: very good command of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.


Know how to be:


  • Being organized and knowing how to plan
  • Be autonomous and having problem-solving skills
  • Know how to use discretion and persuasion
  • Being versatile
  • Have good listening skills and good interpersonal skills
  • Have a sense of priorities and be rigorous
  • Have good writing skills
  • Resist stress
  • Have team spirit