Facilitate your distribution

One-single agreement to cover your entire distribution infrastructure

  • Negotiation and updates of distribution agreements
  • Rebate management
  • Meet fund distribution rules, including KYC/AML and distribution oversight
  • Open architecture with multi-manager, multi-custody connectivity

Focus on client service and generate additional revenue

Fund Channel’s cutting edge services help our clients generate additional net revenue

  • On-going reviews of fund portfolios to grow coverage
  • Pricing renegotiation plans with fund managers
  • No hidden margins
Know and monitor your distribution

100% digital solutions for your distribution performance

Synthesis of your distribution activity on all assets received
Analyse your distribution with our data visualisation tool
Identify trends and compare with peers

The funds your clients want

Make the ideal choice for you and your clients

Fund selection made easy with a flexible dashboard
Easy access to all relevant fund data and documents
ESG criteria